Vintage Road Bikes

The L’Eroica is the only new machine officially sanctioned for use in Eroica events, whose regulations require all participants to ride bikes manufactured before 1987. The L'Eroica is a new model conceived with the same principles and the know-how developed by Bianchi in 130 years of history. This vintage road bike is for anyone wanting to ride the six Eroica events in the World.

Bianchi L'Eroica is a beautiful, hand-crafted, vintage steel bike made from Columbus Zona lugged steel frame and fork, and equipped with unique Campagnolo Silver rear deraileur - Designed and Made in Italy. Bianchi L'Eroica is a result of the partnership between Bianchi and the series of events lead by the historic cyclo-sportive of Gaiole in Chianti (Siena, Italy).


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