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Do you enjoy making bad decisions and want to ride with wreckless abandon, but fear the consequences. Erase your mistakes and force any trail into submission with the Wreckoning. A 161mm Delta System traction factory with monster truck wheels that keeps out of control in control.


The idea of the Wreckoning was born during our first ride on the Following. The fun, versatile, yet aggressive big wheel bike with progressive geometry was at home slashing trails, riding jump lines and crushing descents. But, somehow we knew that we could take this idea further. And shortly after apologizing to Dave Weagle for our gross oversight on the Following, the planning for the Wreckoning began.

It seems weird, but a single lap on the Following, opened our eyes to where an aggressive 29" long travel bike could go. If the Following brought sports car feel to a monster truck wheeled bike, the idea of the Wreckoning began with the idea of a bike that could shred the down like a true DH bike and still pedal pedal up, but retain the sports car feel.

Weagle was probably secretly waiting for the phone call to laugh that we have finally come to the same conclusion. With max rollover and grip, the 29" wheels combined with the 161mm of rear travel leveraged through our Delta System tech and progressive geo, created a platform that allows us to ride with a new corner destroying, party-time level of control. And in the process redefining what a big wheeled bike can do.

Evil Bikes Tech - Bolt On Axle

Our new axle bolts directly into the derailleur hanger for stiff hassle free operation.

Evil Bikes Tech - ISCG05 Mounts

Custom ISCG05 tabs to accommodate our lower guide collaboration with e13 components.

Evil Bikes Tech - Delta System

Completely redesigned with a focus on simplicity, weight reduction and strength. We increased lateral frame stiffness with redesigned dog bone links that use integrated forged bosses to connect the linkage and simplify maintenance.

Evil Bikes Tech - Downtube Protector

Molded Rubber Downtube Protector keeps rocks and debris off the plastic and quiets the ride.

Evil Bikes Tech - e13 Chainguide

Custom e13 lower guide and bash guard.

Evil Bikes Tech - Interated Chainguide

Fully integrated carbon chainguide to keep that chain on.

Evil Bikes Tech - Interated Chainguide

Internal routing for stealth dropper posts. Rear derailleur and brake routing is cleanly routed under the toptube and the rear derailleur cable is internally routed through the swingarm to keep things tidy.

Evil Bikes Tech - unidirectional carbon

Uni Directional Carbon with One Piece Molded construction from one of the best factories in the business.

Evil Bikes Tech - Interated Chainguide

Integrated rubber protection for the chainstay and seat stay to keep things peaceful and quiet in the woods.

Evil Bikes Tech - Sag Meter

We added a fancy integrated SAG meter into the non-drive side Delta Link to make suspension set up easy. Push it forward, sit on your bike, adjust air pressure to 30%, then shred.

A - Head Angle Low 66.1° 66.1° 66.1° 66.1°
Head Angle X-Low 65.5° 65.5° 65.5° 65.5°
B - Seat Tube Angle Low 74.8° 74.8° 74.8° 74.8°
Seat Tube Angle X-Low 73.9° 73.9° 73.9° 73.9°
C - Virtual Top Tube Length 604mm | 24.00" 624mm | 24.90" 647mm | 25.50" 671mm | 26.40"
D - Seat Tube Length 390mm | 15.00" 425mm | 16.70" 460mm | 18.10" 495mm | 19.50"
E - Bottom Bracket Height Low 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70"
Bottom Bracket Height X-Low 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40"
F - Head Tube Length 104mm | 4.00" 114mm | 4.50" 127mm | 5.00" 139mm | 5.50"
G - Chain Stay Length Low 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93"
Chain Stay Length X-Low 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00"
H - Wheel Base Low 1161mm | 46.00" 1182mm | 46.50" 1207mm | 47.50" 1232mm | 48.50"
Wheel Base X-Low 1162mm | 46.60" 1183mm | 46.60" 1208mm | 47.50" 1233mm | 48.60"
I - Standover 734mm | 29.00" 745mm | 29.30" 752mm | 29.60" 765mm | 30.10"
J - Axle to Crown 571mm 571mm 571mm 571mm
K - Offset 51mm 51mm 51mm 51mm
Stack 627mm | 25.00" 636mm | 25.10" 648mm | 25.50" 659mm | 26.00"
Reach 415mm | 16.00" 432mm | 17.00" 452mm | 17.80" 472mm | 18.60"
Sizing 5'3" - 5'8" 5'8" - 6'0" 6'0" - 6'4" 6'4"+



As much as we would like to think that everyone will have the opportunity to test ride an Evil, the reality is most of you will buy based on reviews, friends, or Weagle's past successes.

So the following is straight from the horses mouth (Dave Weagle being the horse). The DELTA system was conceived to, among other things, achieve very complex leverage rate curves that can be used to tune for varying track conditions, spring, and damper parameters. The dual progressive leverage rate curve was developed for coil sprung downhill applications to take advantage of the speed sensitive shocks on the market. Mechanically, the system uses very compact links that can achieve a lot of angle and velocity change through the travel. We can tailor the leverage rate curve to really take advantage of the shock's valving and the way that a speed sensitive damper is designed to work. Ultimately the design achieves a high degree of suppleness early in the travel, with a very predictable high traction stage through the middle and a bottomless ramp at the end of the travel.

The whole suspension system, every attribute, is developed concurrently with each other, with the shock absorber, and with the bike's intended use and geometry in mind. Main pivot location was carefully chosen to give the best balance of acceleration and braking performance. This careful positioning lets the bike accelerate without the need for excess damping, which in turn helps us push the limits of shock setup as far as possible to achieve ideal damper setup for any World Cup track. One of the biggest advantages of the system is its ability to let riders and mechanics adjust frame geometry without changing leverage rate and wheel rate at all.

Additionally, different link kits can be used to make drastic changes in the bike's feel. These link kits are something that Evil's World Cup athletes will take advantage of to fine tune for the drastically different race courses that they compete on over a race season. There is no bad option. It all comes down to personal preference. If you like to run air shocks and a position sensitive damper, we can develop that tune. If you like your frame geometry low in the BB and slack in the head angle, or vice versa and anywhere in between, it's covered. Upgradeability, tune-ability, and personalization is what it's all about, finding that combination that's perfect for you and no one else.

Evil Bikes -



Evil Bikes -


At the heart of the Delta System, is a simple chip that we call the Flip Chip. At it's most basic, the Flip Chip allows riders to change bottom bracket height and head angle by flipping the chip. This adjustment, like we said above, leaves the leverage rate curve and orientation of the linkage unchanged. The slight offset in bearing bore creates a simple interface that allows the rider to personalize their ride. It's about finding what works for the way you ride and the terrain you ride in.


The Flip Cup is a proprietary headset design between FSA and Dave Weagle. The headset allows for either a +1° or -1° adjustment to the head angle of the frame. By simply removing and rotating the lower cup 180°, and reinstalling, a rider can adjust the head angle providing either tighter handling characteristics (+1°) or a slacker setup (-1°). Using the Flip Cup and the Flip Chip together provides the rider with four independent geometry positions to which they can customize and personal their ride. It's all about finding what's right for you, where you ride, and the way you want to ride.


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