Zamberlan Walking Boots

Zamberlan Women's Walking Boots
Walking boots for women by Zamberlan are amongst the very best available on the market. Manufactured by Italian craftsmen and women out of only the highest quality materials, Zamberlan has built a reputation for high quality and high standards that is known across the world. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather in use, whilst Nubuck and Perwanger offer advantages in different climates. Split leather is particularly useful as it pairs very well with synthetic materials. 

Zamberlan's walking boots inlcude a wide range of styles, such as the Trail Magazing Award winning 996 Vioz GTX full grain waxed leather walking boots, whilst the 636 Baffin GTX and new 1996 Vioz Plus GTX walking boots are a popular choice for long distance hikers covering mixed terrain. 

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